THIS IS BAD: Trump Goes Full Racist During Morning Meltdown During Fox Appearance

As the months of the Trump presidency drag on, he continues to prove himself to be uninterested in engaging substantively with the issue of racism in the United States. Instead, he just trots out African American supporters like Kanye West and hopes for the best.

He was asked both about West’s support of him and the overall tendency for minority voters to tend Democratic during an appearance on Fox & Friends via the telephone this Thursday.

In response, he rehashed a line that he used during the campaign season that is like decades and decades of “diet racism” wrapped up into a single line.

The question he reiterated for African American Democrats during his Thursday Fox appearance was, “What do you have to lose?”

He cited poor education systems and other supposedly struggling pillars of African American communities when making his case.

To the president, then, based on that line, African Americans in the United States live in an essentially overwhelming state of poverty and disenfranchisement to the point of them literally having, according to him, nothing left to lose.

That’s a racist stereotype of African Americans if there ever was one.

During his same interview broadcast on Fox early this Thursday, the president also reused a jab directed at Jewish reporter Chuck Todd, calling him “Sleepy Eyes” as he has done on Twitter and while speaking before a rally crowd in the past.

Sleepy Eyes, to be clear, is a term that has historically been employed by Nazis to describe Jews.

Check out his full Thursday appearance on Fox & Friends below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License


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