Out Of Place Ivanka Trump Posts Hilariously Ironic Message On Twitter For Tax Day

As most of us are no doubt well aware of by now, Tax Day in the United States was Tuesday, April 17, this year.

The standard date for the yearly deadline to file your tax return covering the previous year is April 15, but that day fell on a Sunday this year, and the deadline was pushed back by another day because of the Washington, D.C., holiday known as Emancipation Day, which marks the anniversary of the signing of the Compensated Emancipation Act, which formally ended slavery in the jurisdiction.

Taxes have figured prominently in the national political conversation recently for reasons other than Emancipation Day because of the tax reform package that the president signed into law late last year, which has, of course, faced wide criticism for supposedly not doing enough to protect the lower income people of the United States.

Ivanka Trump addressed this development on Twitter this Tuesday in a message that was retweeted by her dad, and it’s hilarious because of the phrasing she used.

See, for most of the day on Tuesday, the IRS webpages that allow you to pay your taxes online were down. It was only after 5 PM Eastern Time that the pages went back up — and in the face of that controversy, Ivanka posted a message to Twitter reading:

‘This year’s is the last time you’ll have to file your taxes through an outdated, broken system. -BYE’

Is someone going to tell her? She has literally made a mockery of her dad’s precious tax reform plan, and her message is certainly lost when she uses phrasing that accomplishes such a thing.

Featured Image via Disney/ABC Television Group on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License



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