Bigot Trump Issues Nasty Message On 50th Anniversary Of MLK Jr Assassination

If there’s one thing that can definitively be said about Donald Trump, it’s that he couldn’t care less about offending minorities with his policy proposals. He has long maintained, for instance, that he wants to see a wall go up in between us and Mexico, demonizing those from our southern neighbors in the process.

Also, among other examples of this trend, he came into office promising to ban the adherents of an entire religion — Islam — from entering the United States.

None of this stopped him issuing a message this past Wednesday offering praise for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination.

In a video message posted to his Twitter feed accompanying a link to an official WH statement about the occasion, the president commented, in part:

‘The promise [Dr. King] fought for could never be taken away. His words, his deeds — they live on forever… On this… day… we rededicate ourselves to a glorious future where every American from every walk of life can life free from fear.’

Either the president is unaware of how detached from the reality of his own policy proposals that his words are or he doesn’t care.

No matter how the stock market or personal bank accounts of wealthy executives are doing, the fact remains that the president has alienated vast segments of American society through his actions as president. He has no doubt caused many of them to live in fear, thanks to his promises like that of impending mass deportations and mass travel bans.

Even still, the president offered these words on Wednesday anyway. His words, ignoring the impact of his own actions, are an insult to those people who his policy proposals have affected.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video


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