Allegedly Russia Linked GOP Congressman Abruptly Announces That He’s Leaving Congress

The 2018 midterm elections are already essentially upon us, with the countdown until they take place at less than a year. Democrats are eyeing the possibility of becoming the majority party in both Houses of Congress — and now, they have something else in their favor when it comes to achieving that aim.

California Republican Congressman Ed Royce has announced his plans to retire at the end of his present term, meaning that his seat has gone from being estimated to “Lean Republican” to be estimated to “Lean Democratic” at the widely respected Cook Political Report.

Rep. Royce currently serves as the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. As for the reason for his decision to not seek re-election, Rep. Royce doesn’t really mention one in his statement on the matter, instead simply focusing on his past focuses as a Congressman and his plans for the rest of his term.

Notably, Rep. Royce mentions combating Russian information warfare as a goal for the rest of his time in office, something that puts him at odds with the leader of his party — Donald Trump — who has routinely sought to downplay the threat from Russia.

Notably, Rep. Royce has faced allegations of having accepted dirty cash for his campaign from disgraced former Trump adviser Paul Manafort, who got millions from the Kremlin-aligned Ukrainian political party known as the Party of Regions. There is, however, no apparently concrete link between these allegations and his decision to resign — yet, at least.

Featured Image via Daniel Huizinga on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License


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