Democratic And Republican Senators Band Together To Take Inspiring Stand Against Trump

It seems as though through it all, the president has finally managed to bring people together — although it’s not in the way he’d hoped for.

Last Thursday, the Trump administration announced plans to allow oil drilling off both the Eastern and Western shores of the United States, and numerous interests quickly made their opposition to the president’s plans known. Those interests to do so include both of Florida’s U.S. Senators, a Democrat — Bill Nelson — and Republican and part time Trump ally Marco Rubio.

It’s pretty remarkable — opposition to the Trump administration’s plans for offshore drilling is so widespread that people like longtime Trump ally and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz are among those expressing it.

As for Nelson, last Friday, he told reporters:

‘The administration is planning to drill off the coast of Florida. I can tell you as long as I’m in office, that’s not going to happen.’

As for Sen. Rubio, who ran against Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary and lost, back on Friday he also expressed opposition to the administration’s plans, although he seemingly confined his opposition to only the portion of the plan that would allow drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

In the case of California, another state facing the question of how to deal with the administration’s offshore drilling plans, it’s come out that the state could effectively block drilling through not permitting the construction of pipelines to the shore, so the same sort of mechanism may in fact be available to Floridians.

It’s noteworthy that there is, among so many other points of partisan contention, finally a question whose answer Democrats and Republicans can agree on, asserting that it’s a bad idea to expand offshore drilling.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License


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