UPDATED: Pedophile Roy Moore Accuser’s House Goes Up In Flames — Arson Is Suspected

Last month, the people of Alabama chose Democrat Doug Jones to represent them in the U.S. Senate, electing the first Democrat in decades and leaving Republican Roy Moore, who had been credibly accused before the election of sexual assault and harassment of minors, out of the job.

The accusations against Moore highlight an important, rising issue in the United States — that of the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault that has come to light thanks in part to women coming forward with their stories of abuse at the hands of men in positions of power like Moore. The Alabama Senate election is over, but this issue is not in the past.

Concurrent to this, reports have now emerged from Alabama that one of the women who accused Moore of misconduct before the election has now lost her home due to a suspected arson.

Lisa Johnson’s home burned this past Tuesday morning, with her losing essentially everything. Thankfully, however, there was no one inside the home at the time of the fire, which, as mentioned, is being investigated as a potential arson.

Neighbors speaking to AL.com talk of a young man who has long proven a thorn in the side of the neighborhood and has a history of public drunkenness, who they say was on the premises around the time of the blaze.

Public information officer with the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department Natalie Barton stated that police have spoken with a “suspect of interest” in the case.

A female neighbor of Johnson’s apparently told her that the morning of the blaze, when flames were not, apparently, visible, the young man with the history of public intoxication approached her and “asked if she thought Johnson’s house was going to burn.”


After no initial apparent motive for the suspected arson, local officials have revealed that they do not believe it was political in nature.

Featured Image via Screenshot from TIME Magazine


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