Trump Runs To Twitter After Meeting With GOP Senators To Post Racist Nonsense

The president, during his time in office, has proven one thing — he is committed to his talking points. You can fact check him essentially into oblivion and he will still come back strong.

He proved this again on Thursday. He met with a small group of Republican Senators reported by Axios to include Sens. Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, John Cornyn, and others.

Following that meeting, Trump took to Twitter, as he so often does, with a summary of the meeting while again pushing for his long proposed U.S./ Mexico border wall.

He wrote:

‘Thank you to the great Republican Senators who showed up to our mtg on immigration reform. We must BUILD THE WALL, stop illegal immigration, end chain migration & cancel the visa lottery. The current system is unsafe & unfair to the great people of our country – time for change!’

trump wall tweet

For what feels like the millionth time, there is no legitimate basis for building the wall that Trump wants to see go up in between the U.S. and Mexico. For one, the rate of illegal border crossings has been going down over time, not up, and secondly, it’s not as though a wall is actually going to be some magic silver bullet to put a stop to illegal immigration, and if it’s not going to solve this supposedly wretched problem, why exactly should billions of dollars be expended to put it up?

For the Senators who met with Trump to be indicated here to be on board with the president on these issues indicates them to be questionable leaders at best. Putting a literal wall in between us and one of our longtime allies is not an intelligent idea by any stretch of the imagination — and yet here the president and these Republican Senators are pushing for the wall anyway.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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