Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Disgusting Early Morning Message About Sexual Harassment

It’s become widely known at this point that the president is far from the only member of his family to often turn to Twitter.

On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump Jr. did so, tweeting out a link to a story from the Daily Wire.

That story — as you can see in the tweet below — concerned allegations that have, apparently, never been fully vetted concerning former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook having allegedly sought to cover up sexual harassment allegations against a friend of his.

The allegations are indeed serious but without any apparent further information about the matter, there’s no way to know if they are legitimate or not. That’s thanks largely to the actions of conservative organization Project Veritas, which approached a reporter with fake sexual misconduct allegations against failed Senate candidate Roy Moore in an effort to discredit the media.

The Daily Wire got its information from an email posted recently to Twitter by Wikileaks, which itself is not a credible organization. The email was from a reporter to a Clinton staffer asking for insight into the allegations that he had been approached with.

The story should be “former Clinton campaign staffer accused of sexual harassment” as much as it should be about Mook’s alleged involvement in the issue. However, Trump Jr. stuck to simply tweeting out the link while not only ignoring the credible allegations against his father but also perpetuating the idea that the actions of one or two individuals should be generalized and applied to an entire political interest. That’s just not how it works — but here we are anyway, with Trump Jr. turning the widespread issue of sexual misconduct into little more than a political game.

Featured Image via Sebastian Vital on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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