Trump Tweets Desperate, Embarrassing Early Morning Fake News Message To America

The president put his testy relationship with the truth on display yet again this Tuesday morning, taking to Twitter with the essentially baseless and easily discredited claim that we need a wall along our border with Mexico.

He has, of course, put this belligerence on display numerous times in the past, claiming, for instance, not only that we need a wall but that the people of countries he has targeted with successive travel bans pose documented threats to the United States.

On Tuesday, making his Twitter remarks about the wall even more incendiary is the fact that he made them in response to a Fox & Friends segment. Fox & Friends remains one of the president’s seemingly favorite programs, even though it regularly serves to push garbage and nonsense both of the racist type and the fake news type.

Trump wrote on Twitter:

‘Thank you to Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council for your kind words on how well we are doing at the Border. We will be bringing in more & more of your great folks and will build the desperately needed WALL!’

trump wall tweet

In reality, illegal immigration from Mexico such as would be stifled by the wall has been trending downward since the closing years of the Obama Administration. It’s trended downward for some time, actually, just as the stock market has trended upward since the Obama Administration, with Trump taking credit for that too.

Much of the decline in illegal border crossings that Trump has taken credit for actually has nothing to do with him. The total number of border apprehensions made a dramatic fall going from January to February of 2017, but that drop followed a jump in migration in the fall of 2016 that normally takes place in the spring. From February to August, border apprehensions actually jumped by about 19 percent.

Featured Image via Sebastian Vital on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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