Trump Posted A Mindbogglingly Self Obsessed New Year’s Eve Twitter Message

The president is committed to his lines of attack against his enemies; that much is clear from observing his behavior for any amount of time.

On New Year’s Eve, he refused to put aside his differences with the press and others for even a moment, incorporating them into his New Year’s Eve message that he posted to Twitter from his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

He wrote:

‘As our Country rapidly grows stronger and smarter, I want to wish all of my friends, supporters, enemies, haters, and even the very dishonest Fake News Media, a Happy and Healthy New Year. 2018 will be a great year for America!’

trump nye

Among the many problems with this tweet is one even for the president himself.

Trump has already been campaigning to be re-elected president in 2020, having long already filed the paperwork necessary to run again. He’s confident that he’s going to win in 2020 — at least he tries to project an image of confidence — but there’s one problem.

Trump won because of what’s essentially an electoral fluke. Hillary Clinton won more votes overall — and no matter what some Trump apologists say, California voters among those who gave Clinton her popular vote victory aren’t irrelevant — but Trump finished with a winning margin in the densely populated states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. That winning margin of less than 100,000 votes combined gave him the presidency.

Does he really think that he’s going to be able to pull off a victory in 2020 with his continuous alienation of the American public in this manner?

Besides the practical questions, Trump has here yet again revived his allegations that the media maliciously and knowingly prints false stories about him. That’s not true and undercuts one of the freedoms that makes America what it is.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.




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