Right Wing Media Icon Arrested For Attacking Woman At College Address

Don’t ever pick up the notes belonging to any of the so-called journalists who report fiercely biased stories and nonsense in favor of the president. At least, that’s the closest thing to a logical conclusion that can be drawn from an incident that happened this past Tuesday.

Lucian Wintrich of The Gateway Pundit was delivering an address at the University of Connecticut — or at least, he was trying to — when a woman walked up to his podium and seemingly picked up some of his notes.

That’s when all hell broke loose, with Wintrich making a mad dash after the woman and roughing her up in an effort to force his notes from her hand.

What a mature response to something that some might see as dumb but others no doubt see as a peaceful protest.

Check out video of the altercation below.

Wintrich was, according to the Hartford Courant, “held by UConn police and charged with breach of peace and released on $1,000 bail.” He works as the White House correspondent for the infamous, conspiracy theory peddling right wing blog The Gateway Pundit.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.


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