National GOP Puts Up Stupid Social Media Posts Pushing Tacky Trump Merchandise

The Constitution prohibits the president from making money off of their office, but Trump hasn’t really proven himself to care all that much about the law. Even though Trump has been defiant, he’s still faced an unsurprising slew of lawsuits over his ongoing connections to his businesses.

Earlier in the year, although the law and precedent demands that he have broken off his relationship with his businesses, he announced that he would simply be passing off executive control of his businesses to his two adult sons. He’s maintained his financial connections to the institutions.

It’s not clear what exact entity would be profiting off the president’s latest money push, but some of the latest Twitter posts from the national GOP indicate just how desperately the president is still trying to make money off his time in office.

The national GOP has posted a series of ads to its official Twitter account pushing people to buy “Make America Great Again” hats with a special Christmas design for the holiday season. (The hats have Christmas lights outlining the letters on the front and read “Merry Christmas” on the back.)

Check out one of their ads below, including a clip from CNN about the hats.

It’s worth noting that the Trump team’s latest money grab doesn’t even coincide with the president actually trying to do much anything good for the lower income people whose interests he came into office claiming to represent.

His party has put forth a tax bill in the Senate that, because of decreased tax breaks for lower income people coinciding with them losing health care, is a potential disaster for everyone but the super rich.

Check out other ads the GOP posted on Twitter below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video


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