Melania Trump Posts Embarrassingly Arrogant Video Message To Twitter

Since assuming her position as first lady, Melania Trump has made no real significant pushes to further the goals, including to combat bullying, that she tentatively set for herself ahead of her husband’s inauguration.

That, however, did not stop her from taking decorating the White House — which she didn’t even move into right away — seemingly at least as seriously as other issues of her husband’s administration. To be sure, it’s not as though her political ideologies are different from her husband’s, so it’s not entirely surprising. Various interests have seized upon various figures as sort of anti-Trump insiders, but they’ve all successfully let the general public down.

On Monday, Melania posted a video montage of the process of putting up Christmas decorations inside the White House, which has been taking place in recent days.

In a statement to CNN on the occasion of this year’s White House Christmas decorations being unveiled, Melania said:

‘Like many families across the country, holiday traditions are very important to us. I hope when visiting the People’s House this year, visitors will get a sense of being home for the holidays.’

By year’s end, CNN reports that an estimated 25,000 people will have toured the White House Christmas decorations.

On Twitter, Melania has chronicled the process of getting to the decorations actually being up, which you can check out below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video


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