Fox News Caught Publishing Literal Fake News, Claims Jimmy Carter Died (He Didn’t)

Fox News doesn’t exactly start out from an opportune position to defend the truth and “real news.” They regularly peddle mindbogglingly biased stories in favor of the president, so they need everything they can get in trying to prove themselves as a legitimate news organization.

Through an error that has seemingly not yet been addressed by the network, Fox News published a story Sunday claiming that the still very much alive former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is deceased. Such an error — which has thankfully since been corrected — isn’t exactly going to help them paint an image of themselves as a legitimate news network.

It took over an hour for Fox to update their story, in which time numerous journalists pointed out the error on Twitter.

It’s worth noting that although Carter eventually fell out of favor with a significant portion of the population, being replaced by Ronald Reagan — who also eventually fell out of favor with many — he spent a significant amount of time during the beginning of his time in office with an approval rating much higher than that enjoyed by President Trump.

The University of California, Santa Barbara’s program known as The American Presidency Project reveals that towards the beginning of his tenure, Carter hit an almost surprising high of a 74 percent approval rating.

jimmy carter

Featured Image via Commonwealth Club on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.



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