Self-Obsessed Trump Tweets Pathetic Early Morning Literal Fake News

The president is committed to his public image to the point of being willing to abandon truth and reality in the interest of trying to advance it.

In his world, he can do no wrong, and that was evident in a tweet he posted this Sunday morning about the ongoing race to fill Attorney Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat down in Alabama.

Besides the fact that Trump refuses to abandon the Republican candidate in the race even though he’s credibly accused of sexual assault and harassment of minors, Trump claimed on Sunday that his past support of a Republican primary opponent of Moore’s was greatly beneficial to that candidate’s campaign.

That’s not true.

Trump wrote on Twitter:

‘I endorsed Luther Strange in the Alabama Primary. He shot way up in the polls but it wasn’t enough. Can’t let Schumer/Pelosi win this race. Liberal Jones would be BAD!’

liberal jones

As a matter of fact, Trump’s support for Strange didn’t do much for his candidacy at all.

When pressed by Politifact, the White House pointed to an Emerson College poll that showed Moore’s lead over Strange falling by an estimated four points in the after math of Trump appearing at a rally for Strange in Alabama. However, even in the face of that four percent jump, Moore maintained a lead over Strange of ten percent. At that, the jump wasn’t even more than the poll’s margin of error, which was five percent.

It’s not as though facts have often gotten in the way of Trump making grandiose claims about himself in the past, however.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.



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