Embarrassing Image Of Former Trump Adviser With Gun Goes Viral Quick

Sebastian Gorka — long alleged to have ties to a virulent, Nazi-affiliated group on the European continent called the Vitezi Rend — would like you to know how much he loves his guns.

According to a profile of him published this week in the magazine Recoil, the former Trump adviser carries an interesting set of gun related equipment with him every day, including two pistols, two flashlights and a tourniquet.

That’s not all, though. Gorka was photographed for his Recoil profile holding one of his weapons, and the photo is plenty ridiculous enough to have attracted internet scorn.

Journalist Lauren Duca joked on Twitter that the belligerent Gorka, in his photo, looked like “a hemorrhoid came to life and won a shopping spree at Sears.”

Check out the photo below.

In a culture saturated with guns to the point of nearly 14,000 Americans having lost their lives to gun violence since January 1, more people like Gorka are the exact opposite of what we need.

There have been numerous incidents of gun violence this year in the U.S. that have gone entirely unnoticed by the general public — and yet here we still have guys like Gorka anyway. Instituting measures like mandatory background checks for gun purchases and trying to do away with the mentality that one has to have a gun to prove themselves are both things that have to happen.

Featured Image via 7th Army Training Command on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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