Fox News Host Sean Hannity Caught Pushing A Blatant Lie On Twitter

On Friday, the president tweeted a claim that took many by surprise. He said that TIME Magazine had called him up and said they were considering naming him their “Person of the Year.”

He wrote:

‘Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!’

trump time

According to TIME Magazine, that’s a bunch of nonsense.

The magazine stated in a response to the president on Twitter that they do not comment on their choice for “Person of the Year” until publication.

The publication wrote on Twitter:

‘The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6.’


That response from TIME was — somewhat unsurprisingly — not enough for some.

There’s a reason that the president so often openly favors Fox News over other, less biased sources of information, and that’s because the network has repeatedly proven itself willing to push “both sides” of the story no matter what the cost. They cover angles that are irrelevant and often nonsensical, just in an effort to legitimize modern right wing politics as led by Donald Trump.

To be sure, it’s not as though the network is actually very good at legitimizing the president’s style of politics. This was put on display this Friday, when Fox News’ Sean Hannity responded on Twitter to the Trump-TIME Magazine debacle by going after TIME in a series of tweets.

Although the publication literally answered his question with their response to Trump, Hannity tweeted in response to TIME:

‘I call total Bullshit on Time. Answer the question; did you or did you not call the WH and say @realDonaldTrump @POTUS was being considered for person of the year and ask for an interview?’

sean han

Remember, they pay this guy to deliver “news.”

He wasn’t even done, going off on the publication for tweeting a harmless write-up of data about the eating patterns of Republicans vs. Democrats.

han time 2

He eventually re-upped his initial demand of TIME, which is based on the entirely false premise that they didn’t answer his question.

han time 3

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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