Donald Trump Jr. Tweeted Disgraceful Thanksgiving ‘Conversation Starters’

The Trumps just can’t leave anything alone, can they. They continuously seize upon every possible chance to try and prove themselves as something other than grifters.

President Trump isn’t the only one who’s fond of using Twitter to do this — his son, Donald Jr., is also an avid Twitter user. On Wednesday, he just couldn’t leave the Thanksgiving holiday alone, trying to turn the whole thing into yet another (failed) testament to his father’s administration.

He wrote on Twitter:

‘Need something to discuss over dinner?

Try this:

  • Stock markets at all time highs
  • Lowest jobless claims since 73
  • 6 TRILLION added to economy since Election
  • 1.5M fewer people on food stamps
  • Consumer confidence through roof
  • Lowest Unemployment rate in 17 years’

donald trump jr

There’s just one problem, and it’s one that’s been pointed out time and time again in the context of repeated assertions from the Trump team that Donald Trump has done something good for the economy.

All of the positive economic indicators that the Trumps seemingly continuously point to have been improving ever since Obama was in office. There are just two issues — for one, it’s seemingly beyond Trump to ever acknowledge that President Obama did anything good.

Secondly, Trump doesn’t have much to show for his time in office so far, so he has to come up with something, even if that means taking from the accomplishments of his predecessors.

Twitter users were unsurprisingly quick to point these issues out to Donald Trump Jr.




Featured Image via Gage Skidmore’s Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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