Converge: There’s (Still) No Room For War

Converge is one of those bands that, through the effects of the passage of time, might slip under the radar of modern heavy music fans.

The band released their first true album in awhile in 2017, called The Dusk In Us. It highlights a curiously mature and emotional rage that shines through the chaotic but flowing music.

Converge, as one of the leaders of the modern metallic hardcore scene, operates within a space long occupied by individuals concerned with attacking corruption. “Corruption” could be defined here as an individual co-opting processes that are supposed to benefit the collective.

There are plenty of people like this running around out there today — Hint: one occupies the White House — and Converge are having none of it.

On “Under Duress,” off 2017’s The Dusk In Us, Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon sings:

‘Don’t need a helmet if I have my heart
Don’t need your war to find peace
I don’t need to learn to live in compromise
I will never kneel and kiss your ring’

Converge’s music is dense but powerful. There’s no place for compromise with forces perpetuating political, social, or military violence.

Their music serves as a reminder — using war in an attempt to get to peace is foolish, at best. Conflict does not produce peace. The two are separate.

Someone should tell our leadership.

Check out a music video from one of the more emotionally leaning tracks off The Dusk In Us, “I Can Tell You About Pain,” below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.


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