CONFIRMED: Louise Mensch Is An Alt-Right Plant In ‘The Resistance’

Here’s something that might have passed under your radar.

Louise Mensch, former conservative member of British Parliament and longtime online “journalist,” has grown her Twitter account to over a quarter of a million followers through peddling absolute garbage aimed at hyping up Trump opponents.

For instance, she published a blog post at one point claiming that the Marshal of the Supreme Court had notified President Trump that a case of impeachment against him had begun, but that’s literally not how it works. The Supreme Court doesn’t handle cases of impeachment; Congress does.

She’s long sparked concern from some on the left for her wild claims, and even more so over the fact that lots of people who don’t know any better believe her.

Well, Milo Yiannopoulos of all people has now confirmed that Mensch is literally a plant in the “Resistance” designed to throw people off the trail of what’s really going on.

On Facebook recently, he posted a screenshot of a tweetstorm claiming that Mensch was in league with Milo and his type, using as basis for this claim a photo of the two schmoozing it up at some point recently.

Milo’s post on the matter says, “[Mensch] promised to take the Trump opposition so violently off into conspiracy theory and lunacy he’d be guaranteed a second term. Safe to say she has delivered!”

Check out his post below — and stop giving Mensch airtime.

Featured Image via 350z33 on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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