Paul Ryan Facing Criticism For Nasty Tweet Marking One Year Anniversary Of Pulse Massacre

Monday is the one year anniversary of the ghastly terror attack that left 49 people dead in the Orlando, Florida, Pulse nightclub, and unsurprisingly, national Republican leaders took to social media to express condolences.

Nobody wants to hear it.

Republicans (and some Democrats) peddle a mostly useless counterrorism strategy of just bombing “the sh*t” out of wherever they think that they should and hoping for the best, while still peddling the hatred that allowed for the terror attacks to ever happen in the first place both at home and abroad.

Republicans have been no model for the protection of LGBT rights, seeking in many cases to make it legal to discriminate against such people, who make up most of the victims of the Pulse massacre.

And now leaders like Paul Ryan want to come around and pretend like they are in a position to speak and have anyone want to hear anything that they’re saying in this situation?

The Republicans could have unveiled some sort of measure aimed at protecting LGBT rights, or something, but no, they opted to just post some tweets.

Speaker Ryan’s message marking the one year anniversary of the Orlando attack reads, “Join me in taking a moment to remember the 49 innocent lives lost one year ago today in the #Orlando terrorist attack. #OrlandoUnitedDay.”

Check out some of the best replies to Rep. Ryan’s tweet below. The top one is worth considering in light of the fact that it represents dissent in the Speaker’s own base as to his approach to the situation.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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