Not Just Comey — Trump Is Trying To Force ‘Loyalty’ From Other Justice Officials Too

Fired New York Federal District Attorney Preet Bharara says that fired FBI Director James Comey’s recent testimony about President Trump’s attempt to cultivate “loyalty” from the FBI Director “felt like deja vu.”

Bharara was one of dozens of Federal District Attorneys to be abruptly kicked out of office by the Justice Department earlier this year in circumstances that, in hindsight, are pretty closely comparable to those in which James Comey was fired from the directorship of the FBI.

Speaking this Sunday morning to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Bharara explained that he was fired just a very short time after refusing a call from the President. He says that this call, which came after Trump had taken office, came after Bharara took two calls from Trump before he took office.

These calls, as Bharara explained, aren’t normal. He says that President Obama literally placed zero calls to him during his entire time in office, and that’s important because Justice officials are supposed to be independent and not in some kind of “special relationship” with the presidential administration.

Bharara described the situation as follows:

‘It’s a very weird and peculiar thing for a one-on-one conversation without the Attorney General, without warning between the President and me or any United States Attorney who has been asked to investigate and is in a position hypothetically to investigate business interests and associates of the President.’

Check out a transcript of Bharara’s remarks below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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