Leading GOP Senator Posts Literal Fake News On Twitter, Slammed Instantly

Well it’s a good thing that this guy isn’t the incoming leader of the FBI.

GOP Senator from Texas John Cornyn was considered at one point for the top post in the FBI following President Trump’s untimely firing of James Comey, and he’s now posted something to Twitter about Comey that is literally fake news.

Comey has drawn the ire of Republicans since his firing, with that ire picking up steam following his recent public testimony to the Senate Intel Committee. In that hearing, he revealed that he’s the one behind the recent media reports about his private interactions with the President, telling Sen. Susan Collins of Maine that he had a close friend of his take his memos about these conversations to the press.

These conversations are particularly incriminating for the President, with Comey asserting that he both demanded “loyalty” from the FBI Director — who is supposed to be independent — and that he sought to have the investigation into ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn ended.

The Trump team has pushed back against Comey similarly to how they’ve pushed back against other incriminating stories. Trump and his allies claim that Comey did something wrong in leaking the aforementioned memos to the press, which he said that he did in the hopes of getting a Special Counsel to lead the Russia investigation to the press. A special counsel would, of course, be less vulnerable to presidential manipulations than a FBI Director — hopefully.

Senator Cornyn joined the chorus of GOP voices speaking against Comey on Twitter, claiming on Saturday that the former FBI Director leaked classified information by having his memos delivered to the press.

He didn’t.

Cornyn’s tweet says, “Very troubling indeed that he leaked confidential communications as FBI director.”

As Matthew Yglesias explained it, though, “Comey didn’t leak anything classified so this senator is making up a new category of “confidential” communications to gin up wrongdoing.”

Check out some of the best Twitter commentary on this situation below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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