Ivanka Trump Hilariously Mocked On Twitter After Exploiting Her Children

Twitter knows no bounds and takes no prisoners.

Ivanka Trump has attempted to maintain her public image as some sort of chic progressive-ish rich woman icon since her father assumed the presidency — and since she got a (unpaid) job in her father’s administration, but it’s not working.

Quite simply, she has no record to back up her claims of being some sort of chic progressive icon.

On Friday, Ivanka posted a sheet of questions and answers that she said were from a special event in her daughter Arabella’s kindergarten class.

You can see it below.

Some of the answers are somewhat odd at first glance, but in, say, the case of the child saying she’d like to go to Israel, remember that Ivanka’s family is Jewish.

No matter how initially innocent seeming the tweet, Twitter descended en masse in the comments section to point out the erroneous nature of Ivanka’s implication that everything is getting along just fine.

Check out some of the best replies to Ivanka’s tweet below.


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