DATE REVEALED: Melania Trump Is Finally Moving To The White House

With the President some six months into his job, the First Lady, Melania Trump, will finally be moving into the White House.

Melania had stayed behind in New York City with her and Donald’s young son Barron until the school year concluded.

The move will take place, according to reports, on June 14, which is President Trump’s birthday.

Melania’s presence isn’t expected to change her husband at all; it’s not like she’ll make him stop tweeting or stop bashing people he has no business bashing. Some familiar with the inner workings of the President’s inner circle say that Melania is more of a grounding force for Donald Trump, helping him stay on topic, with her being a quiet yet forceful supporter of her husband’s presidency.

For instance, it’s said that although she doesn’t often speak out on policy issues as of late, she has apparently been keeping tabs on the media and on the perceived loyalty of various White House staffers.



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