Ivanka Trump Pretends To Care On Twitter, Gets Shot Down Instantly

Oh Twitter, what a place. This week on Twitter, the presidential daughter Ivanka Trump made a post about the need for the United States to adopt a policy that guarantees maternity leave, writing, “It’s time to make America great for working families.”

What has she done to try and make policy guaranteeing maternity leave a reality? Nothing but talk and make Twitter posts. She is allied with a presidential administration that seeks not only to have nothing to do with her proposals, but also seeks to strip health coverage from tens of millions of people in an effort to boost profitability in the health industry.

In other words, shut up Ivanka.

Check out some of the best replies to Ivanka’s remarkably hypocritical tweet below.

The first reply mentions the fact that money intended for cancer patients was diverted from a Trump family foundation to a Trump family business.


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