Identity Of The Person Who Leaked Comey Memos About Trump Convos To The Press Has Been Revealed

Fired FBI Director James Comey revealed while speaking before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday that a “close friend” of his had leaked memos of his about conversations with the President to the media, and we now know who that “close friend” is.

Huffington Post reporter Michael Calderone says on Twitter: “Columbia law professor Daniel Richman confirmed to me he was the Comey “close friend” who shared contents of memo with reporter.”

In the video clip of his remarks below, Comey can be seen telling Senator Susan Collins that he had a “close friend” leak the memos to the press so that, perhaps, a Special Counsel would be appointed to take over the Russia investigation since the memos themselves helped indicate why the traditional way of doing things just might not be cutting it this time around.

Trump made a request of Comey earlier this year for him to end the investigation into former presidential National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and that’s what is detailed in the memos of Comey that Professor Richman leaked, in part, to the press.


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