Melania Trump Tweets Nasty, Hypocritical Message About Military Families, Shredded Instantly

You don’t just get to come around now and pretend like your husband and the administration that you’re connected to has any respect for Gold Star families of the United States, Melania.

Gold Star families are those who have had one of their members lost as a casualty of war. When Trump was still a candidate, he took to waging a bitter war of words with the Khans, who lost their son, Humayun, to the war in Iraq.

Trump claimed that the Khans had “no right” to criticize him — they appeared at the 2016 Democratic National Convention to criticize his belligerent policies. Trump also quipped that perhaps the fallen soldier’s mother “wasn’t allowed” to talk. (She didn’t speak up during her husband’s remarks at the DNC.)

Trump is so inept that when his advisers tried to get him to lay off, asking him if he’d thought through what he was doing in criticizing a Gold Star family like that, he said, “What’s that?”

And now the Trumps want to pretend that they have a special place in their heart for Gold Star families, let alone that they have any idea what they’re doing? It’s not like Trump came out and said whoops, I shouldn’t have said that after his literally months long, ridiculous verbal assault campaign on the Khans.

On Monday, the Trumps hosted an observance for Gold Star families at the White House, and Melania tweeted about it, writing, “Potus & I paid personal tribute to #GoldStarFamilies tonight @WhiteHouse. Thank U to all the brave men&women who have fought 4 our freedom!”

Check out some of the best replies to Melania’s remarkably hypocritical tweet below.


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