IT BEGINS: Democratic Senator Fires Off Angry Tweetstorm Against Trump’s FBI Director Pick

Early Wednesday morning, President Trump announced his new pick for the office of head of the FBI in a tweet, with pretty much everyone caught off guard.

Trump, in his Twitter post, wrote, “I will be nominating Christopher A. Wray, a man of impeccable credentials, to be the new Director of the FBI. Details to follow.”

Since Trump’s announcement of Wray as his pick to replace the fired James Comey, a number of questionable details have come out about his background.

Wray, for one, served as a personal lawyer for New Jersey Governor and Trump confidante Chris Christie during the Bridgegate scandal, which centered around the allegations that Christie’s office had ordered a highway closed as political retritbution against a Democratic Senator.

Democratic U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon has now become one of the first to roundly denounce Wray, suggesting that he won’t support him if/when he comes up for a full Senate vote. Merkley is not on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which would give him the opportunity to oppose Wray at an earlier point in his confirmation.

Merkley’s statement about Wray, as posted to Twitter, says:

‘Given Trump/ Russia investigation, an FBI director must be way above partisan politics and conflicts of interest — unquestionably independent.

Wray doesn’t pass the test:

  • represented Christie in Bridgegate
  • consistent GOP donor
  • firm represents Trump trust and Russian oil’

Featured Image via Medill DC on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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