Trump Jr. Fires Off Ridiculously Hateful Tweet, Twitter Immediately Eats Him Alive

Donald Trump Jr. evidently thinks that the proper response to hate is more hate. Such certainly fits in with the narrative peddled by his dad after what feels like every terrorist incident.

For instance, after the recent London Bridge terror attack that left at least seven people dead, President Trump immediately took to Twitter to stump for his proposed Muslim ban, before even offering condolences to the victims of the atrocity.

Trump Jr. this week on Twitter took to mocking a journalist who suggested that an appropriate and even necessary response to terrorism is to “refuse to be terrorized.”

Mehdi Hasan wrote, no doubt prepared for the inevitable backlash that he would receive: “There is, by definition, only one way to really defeat terrorism. To refuse to be terrorized. #London.”

Hasan has a point. The purpose of terrorism is not only to kill an acute number of people; it’s to inflict panic on a population and try and force it into submission on any number of political or social issues. With this in mind, continuing on with life as normal following a terror attack is quite important.

Terrorism is much more than a group of people with weapons; the war on terrorism is an ideological one. ISIS is as much an ideology as it is a state, and this fighting it on the psychological front must always accompany fighting it militarily.

Taking after his father, Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t get that, preferring to stick to a wildly alarmist response to terrorism that is, quite simply, perfectly in line with that the terrorists want us to do.

Retweeting Hasan and adding his own commentary, Trump Jr. said: “Does anyone actually believe this??? I’ll actually read the usual hater comments to this one.”

The “hater comments” on Trump Jr.’s tweet attempt to explain to him and anyone who would listen that yes, Hasan has a point.

Check out some of the best comments to Trump Jr.’s tweet below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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