Paul Ryan Posts Nastily Hypocritical Post-London Attack Message On Twitter, Ripped Apart Instantly

The Republicans continue to pretend that they are in any position to speak to appropriate counterterrorism measures while simultaneously peddling the very things that help make terrorism possible.

Every time that a terror incident happens, Republicans like Donald Trump help amplify the reach of the incidents through trying to stoke the flames of hatred among the masses against those who are even remotely connected to the incident.

Harping about a Muslim ban in the wake of a terror attack is literally exactly what the terrorists want Trump to do, and Republican leaders like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan haven’t exactly piped up in opposition to any of this.

In a statement posted to Twitter following the recent terror attack at the London Bridge, which left 7 dead, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said: “We stand resolute with our friends in London and send prayers to the victims. Terror and hate will never triumph.”

Twitter promptly mocked Speaker Ryan for his toothless, enabling traditional response to terrorism as reflected in this latest tweet from him. If Ryan really wanted to address the issue of Islamist terrorism, he should start by speaking up against Trump’s rhetoric.

Check out some of the best Twitter replies below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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