Sean Spicer Gets Torn Apart On Twitter For Tweet Pretending Trump Cares About Sick People

What a sick joke.

On Sunday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer posted a statement on Twitter from President Trump in observance of National Cancer Survivors Day.

As the statement itself reads, “On the first Sunday of June, communities across the United States celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. This annual observance honors and celebrates the millions of Americans who have won their battles with cancer.”

Read the statement below.

There’s a really simple way to see the atrocity in this statement. President Trump has helped push along the American Health Care Act, which stands to strip health coverage from tens of millions of Americans, particularly those with so-called pre-existing conditions like cancer, should it pass.

And yet, Trump wants to issue this vomit worthy proclamation as to how he’s standing up for cancer survivors? Seriously?

What a sick joke.

Read some of the best replies to Spicer’s tweet below.


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