Mike Pence Gets Slammed Hard On Twitter For Ridiculously Belligerent Tweet

It’s nice to see where your priorities lie, VP Pence.

Following the recent special House election to replace Ryan Zinke out in Montana, Pence took to his personal Twitter account to congratulate the winner, Republican Greg Gianforte.

Here’s the thing. Gianforte literally bodyslammed a journalist the day before the election. The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs sought to question Gianforte about his take on the Congressional Budget Office’s assessment of the American Health Care Act, and instead of answering his question, Gianforte literally grabbed Jacobs by the neck and slammed him to the ground.

Gianforte faces an unsurprising assault charge. This incident didn’t knock Gianforte out of the running, though, seeing as a vast majority of Montana voters had voted early.

While Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made the toothless call for Gianforte to apologize following the incident, Mike Pence and Donald Trump didn’t even try and hide their utter disregard for the fact that Gianforte literally assaulted a journalist.

Posting a link on Twitter, to a POLITICO write up about President Trump’s unprovoked recent commentary that Gianforte had achieved a “great win” in Montana, Pence wrote, “Congrats @GregForMontana on great win & gracious speech. Look forward to having you help @realDonaldTrump #MAGA.”

Check out some of the best replies to this tweet, probing why in God’s name Pence seems unwilling to condemn literal physical violence against journalists, below.

Featured Image via Michael Vadon on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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