Donald Trump Jr. Goes All Psycho On Twitter, Launches Into Angry Tirade

The Trumps are really good at this stirring up the masses to rage thing.

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently unveiled a photo that featured her holding up an item made out to look like the bloodied, severed head of President Donald Trump. She unsurprisingly received basically immediate backlash for this, and subsequently took down the image and issued an apology.

She has maintained an explanation that the image was meant to parody Trump’s comments that Megyn Kelly “looked like she had blood coming out of her wherever.”

There is a Secret Service investigation open into Kathy Griffin, and they’re obviously a competent entity to be able to take care of this kind of thing. The Secret Service must address all things that are even remotely construable as a threat against the president.

None of this, however, is enough for Donald Trump Jr., who seems to have appointed himself arbiter of extrajudicial punishment of the United States. He’s been railing against Griffin for days on Twitter, ever since the photos came out, working Trump supporters into such a frenzy that Griffin says she’s been receiving death threats.

On Friday, Trump Jr. posted, among other things, a tweet reading, “The only thing #KathyGriffin is a victim of is her own ignorance. 24 hours from fake apology to victim status is impressive by any standard!”

Some of the other tweets from Trump Jr. accuse Griffin of specifically targeting Donald Trump’s 11 year old son Barron with the image.

Check out some of the angry comments that Trump Jr. incited below.

Check out some of the on point comments calling out Trump Jr. for his selective outrage below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License


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