Melania Trump Gets Taken Down On Twitter For Nastily Hypocritical Message

Oh, “thoughts and prayers”; what Republicans seem to think is the answer to everything.

Gun violence? We need more thoughts and prayers! Overseas terror attack? We need more thoughts and prayers! Epidemics of deadly diseases? We need more thoughts and prayers!

On Thursday, an apparent botched robbery at a popular Filipino resort destination left dozens of people dead when the assailant lit the place on fire. There have been reports that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the incident, but the local government has insisted that the incident wasn’t terror related.

For much of Thursday, however, the local government hadn’t yet even spoken out, and, in light of the reports about a claim of responsibility from ISIS, the consensus view of the incident was terrorism.

Melania Trump, who rarely tweets, took to Twitter on Thursday to address the Philippines incident.

She wrote, “My thoughts & prayers go out to the people in #Manila, #Philippines.”

Twitter promptly dragged Melania through the mud for her highly selective compassion.

Check out some of the best replies to Melania’s tweet below.

It’s worth noting that President Trump has been controversially friendly with the dictatorial leader of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.


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