Ahead Of Official Announcement, WH Official Confirms Trump Is Withdrawing From Paris Climate Agreement

A White House official has confirmed, just a short time ahead of President Trump’s official announcement on the matter, that the Trump Administration intends to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, reports the Daily Beast.

White House energy policy adviser Michael Catanzaro told Capitol Hill staffers in an early Thursday conference call that “the United States is getting out of the Paris agreement.”

An anonymous source provided the details of the call to the Daily Beast. Catanzaro apparently said that the Trump Administration plans to follow the procedures outlined in the deal itself to get out of it, something that could take four years.

Catanzaro’s remarks make it seem as though much of the motivation for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement is simply to get back at the Obama Administration, with him having apparently said: “We’re going to make very clear to the world that we’re not going to be abiding by what the previous administration agreed to.”

Trump has already shown himself time and time again to prioritize short term job creation over protecting the environment from destruction.

The Paris climate agreement demands that countries which sign onto to it work together to keep global average temperatures from rising above +2 degrees Celsius compared to global average temperatures pre-Industrial Revolution.

The agreement also demands, but does not legally mandate, that rich countries like the U.S. send aid to poorer countries in the interest of offsetting the possible economic stunting that may ensue should these countries not use fossil fuels.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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