Donald Trump Jr. Whines On Twitter Like A Middle Schooler About Gory Kathy Griffin Photoshoot

Is this really your best idea of what to be doing in response to Kathy Griffin’s gory photoshoot, Donald Jr.?

On Tuesday, second rate comedian and occasional television host Kathy Griffin unveiled an image from a photoshoot that she’d done with controversial photographer Tyler Shields. This photoshoot features Griffin holding up something made out to be the bloody, severed head of President Donald Trump.

Unsurprisingly, Griffin’s photoshoot enraged pretty much everyone, on both sides of the aisle. Griffin ended up apologizing, saying, quite bluntly, that she was wrong, went too far, and would be taking the image down.

You can check out the video that Griffin posted to her Twitter timeline of her apology below.

That wasn’t enough for Mr. Apology Police.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to call Griffin’s apology fake and no, there’s no indication that one of his kids got ahold of his phone. The adult head of the Trump Organization, Donald Trump Jr., really got on Twitter this Wednesday morning and made sarcastic asides about how Griffin’s apology wasn’t good enough.

He wrote, “The #kathygriffin phony apology would be a lot easier to believe if there wasn’t a video of her mocking the response she knew was coming.”

Yes, Griffin can be heard on video joking at the time the photos were taken that she’d have to move to Mexico once the photos came out. Imagining a response and actually experiencing that response on her part are entirely different things, however.

She’s apologized; now let’s move on.

Talk about deflection on Trump Jr.’s part…

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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