Paul Ryan Pretends To Care About Chronically Ill Young People On Twitter, Gets Slammed Instantly

Oh, Rep. Ryan, ever the invertebrate.

He talks like he cares for chronically ill people and those who are otherwise downtrodden, and yet at the same time he pushes legislation that stands to strip healthcare from tens of millions of people, children included, should it pass.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that some 14 million people will lose their healthcare in just the first year following Trumpcare’s passage, should it pass. Republicans are just in an eternally one track mindset to bring down financial costs, with no regard to what the human costs of their actions are.

All the while, as mentioned, people like Rep. Ryan make a nice rhetorical show of caring for those people who would be negatively impacted by things like the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare).

Posting an image of himself with a chronically ill young person on Twitter this Tuesday, Ryan wrote, “This young man’s battle against muscular dystrophy is inspiring. His story (& millions like it) is the reason we passed #CURESact into law.”

The CURES Act established a new fund at the National Institute of Health for the advancement of research towards the end of putting a stop to diseases such as those that afflict the young man pictured with Rep. Ryan.

The thing is that, as explained, Ryan’s care for the sick is selective to say the least. He’s pushing through a bill that could dump tens of millions of people out of their health coverage should it become law.

Some of the best Twitter comments pointing out Ryan’s hypocrisy are below.


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  1. I don’t know what our country is coming to. There are going to be so many people without healthcare due to pre-existing sickness. They won’t be able to get insurance. You thought Obama Care was bad, nothing compared to what Trumph and Paul Ryan are trying to do to all of us. They don’t really care about the poor and sick people.


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