Melania Trump Humiliates Herself With Remarkably Hypocritical Tweet About Children’s Healthcare

It is a feat of the mind to try and comprehend how Melania Trump could feign support for children’s healthcare at literally the same time that her husband attempts to strip funding for children’s healthcare.

She accompanied her husband on his recent trip overseas, and while there, she visited a Children’s Hospital in Rome.

She posted a couple of tweets about her visit, since this is 2017 and her last name if Trump, after all.

The final tweet about her visit to the children’s hospital is featured below.

It reads: “A little boy who I visited today & had been waiting for a heart transplant will be receiving one! #Blessings #Faith.”

Here’s the thing, though. If that child was back in America, he could possibly be facing calls from Republicans to have funding for his healthcare stripped. The American Health Care Act stands to strip massive amounts of funding from Medicaid and also to allow insurers to rack up the costs imposed on patients who have pre-existing conditions. It also removes the mandate that every American receive health insurance in the first place.

The AHCA, otherwise known as Trumpcare, passed the House of Representatives and is currently making its way through the Senate.

And Melania wants to feign care for chronically ill children? Really?

Check out some of the best replies to her tweet below.


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