A Prominent Right Wing TV Host Literally Just Called Bernie Sanders A Nazi On Twitter

Some people never learn.

In the United States of America in the year 2017, there is always going to be a massive upswell of people that comes against you if you start spewing Nazi style propaganda.

Nevertheless, such is exactly what longtime tv host Chuck Woolery did on Twitter this Tuesday, pointing out that Senator Bernie Sanders is a Jew before calling him a Communist.

Replace “longtime tv host Chuck Woolery” with any number of German Nazi leaders from the 1930s and you’ve got a history lesson. Although Woolery, in his tweet, claims that he’s not being anti-Semitic, pointing out someone’s Judaism when such is completely unnecessary is literally the definition of anti-Semitism.

On Twitter this Tuesday, Woolery wrote, “Not to stir the pot but, #BernieSanders is a #Jew and a #Communist. Am I incorrect or does this make me an antisemite as well? Another Fact.”

This tweet is, however, as already mentioned, the very definition of anti-Semitism. There is no reason for Woolery to paint Sen. Sanders as something “different” because of his Judaism.

And Sanders is not a Communist. Communists are those who would have the tenets of collectivist society imposed by force. Communists are those who think things like the Russian Secret Police are a good thing. (Hint: they’re not.)

Bernie Sanders believes in implementing the principles of people-centered collectivism in the context of American democracy. There’s a big difference between Sanders’s way of thinking and that of Communists.

Nonetheless, Woolery found it nothing to call Sanders a Communist — and then call him a Nazi in a later tweet.

Of course, Nazism and Communism aren’t the same thing. Woolery — and millions of Trump voters, no doubt — doesn’t get the difference however.

Woolery prefers to just paint Sanders as some kind of freak. Painting people as freaks in the context of their Judaism is literally what defined the rise of Nazism.

These tweets about Sanders come after Woolery received criticism for making a big deal of the fact that Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin “have Jewish roots.”

Featured Image via Marc Nozell on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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