Ivanka Trump Humiliates Herself On Twitter With Tweet Saying That European Trip Went Well

No matter how many times one of the Trumps wants to take to Twitter to claim otherwise, the recently concluded inaugural presidential tour overseas did not go well.

President Trump went from signing Iraq War/ Bush era-esque arms deals with Saudi Arabia to taking part in what turned into a PR disaster when he met with the Pope, with the latter being photographed looking absolutely miserable, to humiliating the world in Europe via both seeming to fail to grasp the fundamentals of NATO and through refusing to agree to go forward with the implementation of the Paris climate agreement.

But Ivanka had a nice visit with the Pope, apparently. Perhaps in the Trumps’ world, that makes everything ok?

Ivanka wrote on Twitter Wednesday, alongside a photo of her, her family, and the Pope: “It was an incredible honor to have an audience with His Holiness Pope Francis today, who inspires hope around the world. #POTUSAbroad.”

In truth, outside of Ivanka’s “incredible honor,” nothing went well while the Trumps were overseas.

Check out some of the best replies to Ivanka’s remarkably aloof tweet below.


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