Donald Trump Jr. Gripes On Twitter About Hillary Clinton, Gets Taken Down Instantly

Donald Trump Jr., who seems forever prone to peddling his own special version of political and financial corruption, took to Twitter this week to gripe about Hillary Clinton, because of course he did.

The Trumps seem eternally obsessed with Clinton, even though the election and any acute relevance of her to them has long passed.

The opportunity that Trump Jr. seized to make a remark about Clinton is the latter’s recent delivery of a commencement address at a New York college. During that commencement address, Clinton chose her words cleverly so as to draw parallels between Richard Nixon, whose presidency obviously met an untimely end, and Donald Trump.

During her remarks, she used a loose definition of the word “impeachment” and claimed that Richard Nixon was impeached, although Articles of Impeachment were not apparently passed by the full House of Representatives, seeing as Nixon resigned before such could take place.

Trump Jr. assumed the role of lexicographer in chief and took it upon himself to correct Clinton in a Friday tweet.

Trump Jr. wrote, “The irony of Hillary claiming Nixon was impeached (he wasn’t) but neglecting the fact that Bill actually was impeached is priceless.”

Trump Jr.’s arrogant semantic correction is, quite simply, irrelevant to the question of whether or not Trump and Nixon are comparable. Most obviously, Nixon’s campaign faced a federal investigation, and he fired the guy in charge of that investigation — which is exactly what Trump just did in firing James Comey.

A number of commenters on Trump Jr.’s tweet did well to point out the ridiculous irrelevance of the presidential family member’s tweet.

Check out some of the best comments below.

Featured Image via Donald Trump Jr. on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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