Melania Trump Fires Off Ridiculously Arrogant Tweet Following International Trip

Melania Trump is a strange character.

While pretending to stand for decency and respect for women, minorities, and those who are otherwise less fortunate, she still remains allied with her husband, the President, who has proposed such draconian policies as the American Health Care Act, which will strip health insurance from tens of millions of Americans should the present version of the bill pass.

She comes across as an individual who is moderately more prepared for a national leadership position than her husband, with her forceful personality readily apparent from available public photos and videos of her, but she’s not used that personality for much anything worth mentioning since officially becoming First Lady.

Everything that she may ever do that’s positive is, quite simply, all but cancelled out by the behavior of her husband. Nice words about sick people mean little when those sick people are struggling to stay alive.

Following the conclusion of her husband’s inaugural overseas tour as president, Melania wrote on Twitter, “@Potus & I are heading home after a very successful first International trip. Thank you to all of the host nations for your hospitality!”

Besides issues of Melania’s person, for her to suggest that the trip she’s just finishing with her husband has been even remotely successful is ludicrous. Donald Trump has managed to make a fool of the United States time and time again, with him pretty much in a class by himself at the G7 summit that marked the end of his trip.

You can check out some of the best replies to Melania’s tweet, helping to underline her utter disconnect from all that is substantively good in the world, below.


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