Melania Trump Gets Smacked Down For Stupid Tweet About Meeting With Pope

Melania Trump accompanied her husband to a meeting with Pope Francis this week, and she carried on with her long established stance of being complicit in her husband’s most egregious activity.

She hasn’t done much of anything since her husband took office, simply staying behind in New York for the time being and carrying on about women’s issues, as Ivanka has done, pretending like she has any sort of record on advancing female empowerment.

Ivanka, for her part, has been widely criticized for resorting to the same sort of thing that her father’s team criticized the Clintons for; namely, the collection of large sums of money from many interests, including foreign governments, through a Foundation.

Anyway, Melania posted a tweet on the occasion of her and her husband’s trip to visit the Pope, and it’s yet another example — as if one was needed — of just how disconnected the Trumps are from the interest of the average person.

Melania wrote, “The @Potus & I are looking forward to our visit w His Holiness Pope Francis @Pontifex. This promises to be a personal & very special visit.”

Everything isn’t as fine and dandy as Melania would like to suggest, however. Her husband’s presidential administration has been in repeated conflict with the Pope on a number of issues, including care for the poor and addressing climate change.

Check out some of the best replies to Melania’s latest tweet below.

The following couple of tweets refer to Melania’s past job as a model.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Diana Polidor Rivard says:

    In truth, Melanie is more presidential than Ol’ Yeller.


  2. Diana Polidor Rivard says:

    Sorry,that should have been MelaniA. Auto correct can be naughty sometime.


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