Twitter Rips Ivanka Trump For Ridiculous Holocaust Memorial Tweet

The fact that the Trumps maintain an air of utter ignorance as to the implications of their own actions makes the fact that a man like Donald Trump is in the White House that much worse.

Through Twitter, and the other publicly available statements from the various members of Trump’s family, it seems like they all have the goal of becoming a ridiculously incompetent world leader one day like Donald.

Ivanka Trump posted a message to Twitter on Tuesday on the occasion of her and her family’s visit to Yad Vashem, the Israeli National Holocaust Memorial.

She wrote, “As we remember this dark time in history of human suffering, let us recommit to never forget the lessons of the Holocaust.”

Ivanka herself has somewhat of a personal connection to the Holocaust, having converted to Judaism before marrying her Orthodox Jewish husband, Jared Kushner.

What’s sickening, however, is that Ivanka unsurprisingly made no mention in her post-Yad Vashem tweet or in any other relevant public statement as to the relationship of the policies promulgated by her very own father and the Holocaust.

As historians have pointed out time and time again to anyone who would listen, the Holocaust didn’t start with the gas chambers. Rather, it started with the government sanctioned ostracization of entire groups of people, including Jews and a number of other minorities.

Does that sound familiar?

Check out some of the best replies to Ivanka’s remarkably short sighted tweet below.


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