Melania Trump Just Posted ANOTHER Series Of Ridiculous Tweets From Her Overseas Trip

Sorrowfully enough, we should all probably just settle in for an endless series of toothless photo ops being the defining feature of at least the next four years, although there’s a possibility that Trump is out of the White House before then.

Following in her husband’s footsteps, Melania Trump seemed ready and willing to pretend like everything is all fine and dandy on her trip to Saudi Arabia. Such is despite the fact that women in Saudi Arabia are literally forbidden by law from driving and from performing a whole host of the tasks that modern human beings normally perform.

Such is also despite the long documented role that Saudi Arabia has in the promulgation of global terrorism. The country was complicit in 9/11, and the massive arms deal that Trump signed with the Saudis upon his visit to the country was held up under Obama out of concern that the weapons given to the Saudis would be used against civilians.

Nevertheless, as mentioned, Melania seems, as mentioned, quite ready to pretend like everything is coming along just fine and that her and her husband are models of the proper way forward for the world.

Check out Melania’s latest tweets below.

Check out some of the best replies to these ridiculous tweets below.


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