Donald Trump Jr. Gets Slammed For Ridiculous Tweet About Dad’s Economic Policies

The pathological Donald Trump-centrism readily apparent in the president’s public remarks apparently doesn’t end with the man himself; rather, it extends to those in his inner circle, including his family members.

It’s not only the President who runs to claim responsibility for every good thing that happens, even if it has nothing to do with him; rather, his family also joins in on this misappropriation of responsibility.

President Trump inherited one of the longest streaks of job growth ever recorded when he came into the White House. That job growth was the result of the economic policies instituted by the Obama administration as a means to help the country recover from the Bush-era ending Great Recession.

On a level, it’s all somewhat straightforward. The job growth currently seen in the United States started years ago, well before Trump was ever in the White House. Nevertheless, Donald Trump and company have repeatedly claimed that the new president has something to do with any of it.

Donald Trump Jr., writing on Twitter this week, turned this long employed argument into one of the Trumps’ other favorite things; namely, an attack on the media.

Trump Jr. commented “Strange how this isn’t getting coverage” on a post from a pro-Trump PAC titled, “Unemployment claims at lowest level in 28 years & could fall further.”

As numerous Twitter commenters immediately pointed out to Trump Jr., the reason that these jobs numbers aren’t getting the kind of coverage that he seems to think should be on the air is because the numbers were news years ago, when Obama first sparked them into existence.

Featured below is chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that illustrates this. The United States has not seen a month with a net job loss since September 2010 — when Barack Obama was president.

The numbers in the chart are the net job growth or loss recorded in each month, in thousands.


Check out some of the best replies to Donald Trump Jr.’s remarkably short sighted tweet below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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