Twitter Rips Paul Ryan To Shreds For Inane Tweet Blaming Obama For Trump’s Problems

And it’s the left that’s made up of snowflakes?

The right, President Trump included, has an obsession with President Obama that has long surpassed that of even the most dedicated Obama/Hillary-esque liberal. This unnatural ridiculous obsession was revealed yet again this past week, when President Trump went to Saudi Arabia and sort of, kind of bowed before the Saudi monarch.

Normally, such an event would be irrelevant, but the right has long been so obsessed with Obama that back when he did the same on a 2009 trip to Saudi Arabia, they ripped him to shreds, painting him as a weak leader.

Of course, there is also the long debunked, absolutely ridiculous birther movement that Trump himself helped lead and that sought to prove that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States and was thus unfit to be president.

The right’s obsession with Obama as someone ridiculously evil was put on display again this Sunday, with Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan posting a message that sought to call out the former President for not having been up to par in the GOP’s view.

Ryan wrote, “For 8 years, we lived under an administration that pitted the federal government against the American economy. That era is over.”

Seriously though, to paint the Obama administration as having been defined by pitting “the federal government against the American economy” is short sighted at best.

The argument against Ryan’s points here is really quite simple. There are human concerns beyond those of getting more money into corporations’ profits column that the Republicans of Ryan’s ilk always seem to be so obsessed with. That’s not pitting anything against anything; that’s just being a government that’s truly “of the people.”

Check out some of the best replies to Ryan’s latest, ridiculous tweet below.

The replies go on and on because Ryan’s tweet is just that childishly ridiculous.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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