Melania Trump Posts Absolutely Ridiculous Series Of Tweets Upon Arrival In Saudi Arabia

The Trumps are always prone to taking to Twitter to mark whenever something goes through their head, and the first foreign tour taken by President Trump since he’s been in the White House is no different.

While President Trump has been busying himself with making it seem like he’s ready and willing to start Iraq War 2.0, the rest of his family who has accompanied him on this trip have been busying themselves with other matters.

Melania, for one, judging off her Twitter feed, has been visiting various interests in Saudi Arabia — the first stop of her husband’s trip — and making a show of advocating for women’s causes.

For example, she wrote that she “enjoyed talking to the incredible women working hard [at the] @GE_Saudi service center.” She added to that by claiming that “great strides being made towards the empowerment of women.”

Seriously though, how off the edge is Melania? She’s standing next to people who would be held legally liable if they drove their own car, and she says that “great strides” are being made towards female empowerment? The fact that women aren’t even allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia isn’t a matter of religious expression; it’s a matter of Middle Ages-esuqe sexism being allowed to continue unchecked.

And Melania, for her part, seems to be unaware of this.

Even Trump supporters often cite places like Saudi Arabia as examples of detrimental, socially acceptable sexism. These Trump followers speak of Saudi Arabia when claiming (erroneously) that there’s no reason for women to protest against sexism in the United States. According to these Trump supporters, the “real problem” is in places like Saudi Arabia.

And not even Melania can acknowledge this? Seriously?

She posted a series of other tweets that have the same gist at about the same time, which you can see below.

Check out some of the best replies to Melania’s tweets below.


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