Ivanka Trump Posts Nastily Insensitive Tweet While In Saudi Arabia

Really, Ivanka?

The Trumps haven’t really come out of their golden bubble since Donald took the White House. Donald is still the same guy who made a name for himself by plastering his name in big gold letters on buildings around the world and by kicking people off of reality tv shows, and his family is also still the same group of Donald wannabes.

Thus, it’s really no surprise that not unlike a living, breathing version of the “It’s Fine!”
dog meme, the Trumps seem to be seeing things through suspiciously rose colored glasses upon the president’s arrival in Saudi Arabia.

The president signed a multi-billion dollar defense spending deal with the Saudis , while completely ignoring the dangers inherent in that deal.

Ivanka, for her part, is going around proclaiming how good things are for the women of Saudi Arabia and how much she (and First Lady Melania) are doing for the women trying to get a leg up in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

The thing is, Ivanka seems to be completely ignoring the fact that one, she has a long ways to go before she herself is in league with feminist causes and only feminist, non-sexist causes, and two, women in Saudi Arabia literally aren’t allowed to drive, and yet she wants to pretend that things are coming along just fine.

It honestly stands to boggle the mind.

Writing on Twitter this Sunday, Ivanka said, “Today I met with Saudi Arabian women leaders and learned directly of their accomplishments, challenges & vision for the future.”

Check out some of the best replies to Ivanka’s tweet, reminding her of how things really are, below.


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